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CD Case Packaging

disc packaging

The CD jewel case is the rigid shell case most commonly seen with music CDs and it is one of the most popular packaging options for the CD. It can be supplied in various guises - with a standard black or white tray or possibly with a clear tray to show the printed rear inlay sheet behind the CD. The rear inlay sheet will normally have the printed spine to improve the identification of the product.

The standard front insert booklet can be anything from a simple card to a multi-page full colour booklet.

The rear inlay sheet can be single sided or double-sided (if a clear tray is being used).
Once in a case, a film wrap with or without tear-strip can be applied for further physical and product protection.

DVD Case Packaging

disk packaging

There are the slim-line, or what we call Thinpack, DVD video case style boxes which are 7mm think. And, a standard DVD case is 14mm thick. The cases have a locating pin to hold the DVD in place and locating clips on the inside front cover of the pack to hold a printed booklet. The outside of the case has a clear polythene cover for the insertion of a printed coversheet.

These cases offer protection and a good level of presentation for DVD products.

C-Shells packaging

replication packaging

Clam shells not only protect your discs from breaking, they protect the cases themselves from breaking apart too. Unlike jewel cases that are made of brittle polycarbonate plastic, clam shells are made of translucent soft plastics, usually polypropylene or PPE.. If you need to send your discs by mail (either by Postal, FedEX, or UPS), don't even think about using jewel cases unless they are wrapped with heavy duty protection. They will be broken for sure! But using clam shells will guarantee your discs to have a safe journey.

Paper envelop and tyvek sleeve packaging

cd packaging

If budget , environment, and simplicity are the elements of your plan, consider using simple sleeves instead of the jewel case extravagant. Sleeves with clear window allow your well designed artwork to be seen. When you see there is no need to duplicate the same artwork on the disc to the insert, using sleeves is not only wise, but environmental and practical.

These basic sleeves protect the disc from being scratched. Their light weight makes them perfect for many applications, magazine insert .

Vinyl (PVC) sleeve

dvd packaging

The traditional TYVEK sleeve has now been superseded by a polypropylene material for cost and environmental reasons. This wallet is a simple method of protecting the CD whilst allowing easy identification of the product by way of the printed image on the CD body. The wallet can also have an additional printed insert or booklet to enhance the presentation or convey installation instructions or license details.
Also available with an adhesive strip to allow your CD or DVD to be attached easily to your publications.

CD/DVD combo package

bluray packaging A combination of a DVD and a CD, two discs in one double jewel case, combo package give you all the enjoys of music and video no matter in your home or in your car.



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