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Freedom Disc DVD Copy Services

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For professional quick-turn disc duplication or "Burning", you've come to the right place. We use only the best recordable media, full color Photo quality printing with the largest proprietary print area in the industry--we print directly to the center spindle hole. No project is too small, and we have the expertise to handle volumes from hundreds to thousands of pieces. For more information about the difference between Duplication and Replication, click here.

Full size recordable discs offer plenty of options. Our full size CD Duplication services feature premium quality CD-R media for the very best playback and storage life. Best of all, our full color Photo Quality Printing process is included with every full size duplication order, giving you the industry's best on-disc printing possible, guaranteed!


Mini discs offer a compact solution for delivering content in a memorable way. Although they are only three inches across, mini discs still pack a punch. Mini discs give you plenty of space for data, audio, short videos, presentations, and more. All Mini disc duplication services are available with our impressive Photo Quality DLL printing that is truly eye-catching and stupendous!

For leaving a lasting impression on your target audience, we also offer digital business card (DBC) duplication. Compact and cool, DBC's are a great way to deliver your promotional message at trade shows or via direct mail. Each disc can hold up to 45MB of data (CD) and is about the size of a credit card and is very eye-catching. CD Business cards are printed with full color digital printing.


DVD-5 is a single-sided single-layered format with 4.7GB capacity.This is the simplest of the family of DVD discs, comprising a single layer with a capacity of 4.7GB. Only one of the two 0.6mm substrates contains data, the other being a blank disc. The two substrates are bonded together to form a 1.2mm thick disc.

Single sided discs can be printed on by any conventional method eg screen printing. Alternatively, the blank substrate can be moulded with an image in its surface and then metalised to make it visible.


DVD-9 is a single-side double-layer DVD format.This dual-layer, single sided version has a capacity of 8.5GB which is slightly less than twice the single layer version, to make it easier for the second layer to be read. Pits on both layers are 10 per cent longer than on a DVD-5 or DVD-10 disc.

Each layer is moulded in one substrate, the two substrates being joined with an optically transparent bonding layer. These discs can be printed after bonding in the conventional way.
DVD10 DVD-10 has 800MB more capacity than a DVD-9. It is double sided and single layered on both sides. The most used application for DVD-10 is when you need to have a NTSC and PAL version of the same video on the same disc. In that case you can put NTSC on one side and PAL on the order side. The user has to know which side to face up in order for the DVD player to play it properly. Unlike DVD-5 and DVD-9 you can print your artwork to cover the non-data side, DVD-10 can only have a band for some text information. Due to the much smaller DVD-10 market, Discturnkey are reluctant to open up a line for it. You will probably have to pay a much higher price to have a DVD-10 as compare with having a DVD-5 or DVD-9.
Mini DVD-5
DVD5 The 8cm Disc is the small version of the standard 12cm DVD. The 8cm DVD-5 is a moulded DVD which has a capacity of up to 1.4GB of data and the 8cm CD is a moulded CD which has a capacity of up to 185MB of date. The mini Disc may be offset or screen printed. The Discs are in place of a 12cm Disc when space or weight is of crucial importance. The Discs can easily be attached to brochures and mailshots or any other promotional material. Mini Discs should only be played in tray loading Disc players. The Disc may be packaged in a variety of plain and printed materials such as wallets and jewel cases.

Hockey rink (Oval) DVD/CD

Bluray Essentially a mini disc with the top and bottom chopped off. It was probably invented by someone who had found a broken disc still worked. There many names associated with this shape of disc. Hockey Rink Disc, Oval Disc are few examples. The capacity of a hockey rink Disc varies depending upon how much of the top and bottom are cut off. Hockey Rink Disc fits into the inner tray just like the mini disc.
Business Card (Wallet) Disc
CDROM The Business Card Discs are an ingenious way to get your company message into the hands of important clients too. Instead of handing a plain paper business card, you can pack a multimedia presentation onto a Discs business card. It holds enough for most purposes and the smaller physical size offers many advantages in distribution. When properly hyper linked, the Business Card Discs will drive business to your Web Site!
Shaped Disc
DVD9 Shaped Discs are fun and practical. You can utilize this application to: Replace brochures, catalogues, financial reports, and business cards.
Enhance trade shows and events, seminar presentations, product launches, training and teaching strategies.
Can also be used to distribute items such as coupons or concert tickets.
These are different as they are shaped with a full size Discs. They can be shaped or cut using any of size, provided that the templates before you purchase and
artwork MUST be modified earlier to allow for the stacking ring to remain clear of ink. Therefore please contact us when ordering such an item. If you make a mistake it will have to be re-outputted / modified to fit.

Crystal Disc

AB-CD The overall size of the Disc is still 12cm but the reflective layer covers only 8cm. The remaining space outside your "shaped" on-body print will be clear allowing you to print any shape you wish, giving the distinct impression of a shaped Disc without any of the balance problems created when certain shapes are attempted.

As no weight or balance restrictions exist with an crystal disc, any shape is therefore possible, opening up a new world of creativity at an exceptionally low price.
Vinyl Disc
Vinyl Effect Disc

Give your CD's or DVD's the effect of an old vinyl record! This incredible CD-ROM (or DVD) has all the hallmarks of an old 45 Vinyl Record, complete with light distorting grooves. It looks great anywhere and is especially effective when supplied with our Black Jewel Cases.
This product is also available in many other eye-catching and shiny colors such as red, blue, pink, yellow, green, purple and gold!!
These discs also have the same colour on the underside unlike some imitations that still have the standard silver on the data side.
Give your disc a true authentic feel by ensuring the colour continues underneath!

Hybrid Discs

Hybrid DVDs are a combination of DVD-Video and DVD-ROM which plays in a set-top DVD player and also contains computer files. Hybrid discs are a great way to present instructional videos along with companion materials, such as text files, graphics for tutorials, etc. Hybrid CDs are a CD which plays in a MAC or Personal computers.

Our services also include CD-G CD-I CD-P replication. If you have these enquiries please contact us.





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