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Freedom Disc DVD Copy Services

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Here at Freedom Disc USA, we like things to look perfect, and that means understanding your disc is a marketing piece. It should look and feel like an extension of your company or group, and your artwork is how you show that. Our staff of talented designers are trendy, yet grounded, giving us great clean corporate designs, or crazy detailed backgrounds, it's up to you and your design budget.

Where does it start? Just supply us with some basics; photos, verbiage or credits, and anything else you want placed in your design. At the start, if you have any ideas we can run with, great, but if not we can brainstorm with the best of them. Since it is a custom creative process this does require some additional time to your order, but any package can usually be created in 24-48 hours. This includes a email mock up proof for verification, and allowed time for modifications. Call to speak to one of our knowledgeable account representatives today at 1-724-745-7646for assistance.

We have numerous DVD packaging & CD packaging options available including:

  •   DVD and CD Manuals
  •   DVD and CD Inserts and Booklets
  •   Specialized DVD Packaging and CD Packaging
  •   Custom Software Boxes
  •   DVD and CD Sales and Promotional Materials
  •   Custom DVD and CD Box Sleeves
  •   License Agreement and Registration Cards
  •   Custom Printed DVD and CD Labels

Freedom's total solution includes creative, customized CD and DVD packaging options at all price points. We can develop and produce DVD and CD packages to suit every client need, whether it's a simple DVD and CD sleeve, custom designed software box, or any other specialized DVD and CD packaging. Freedom also offers you expert consultation in creating a DVD and CD package design that is perfectly in-line with your vision - just one more example of how we will provide you with value-added service through every phase of your DVD replication and CD replication and packaging project.

To help you create a professional DVD and CD design that correctly fits the perimeters of the DVD and CD packaging, we provide you with all our DVD and CD packaging and assembly Specifications and downloadable work Templates in Formats & Forms.



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