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Freedom Disc is one of the few companies in North America that offers full service Bluray Duplication and Bluray Replication Services.

From Authoring, AACS Encoding, and CMF Master Creation, Freedom Disc can take your digital assets and convert them into a high quality, menu driven master.

We are providing this guide in hopes that it will help you understand the background, fees, and process by which to submit a job for Bluray Duplication or Bluray Replication.

If you require any additional information about Freedom Disc's Bluray Disc Services, please call us at 888-638-2997!

Table of Contents

Understanding Bluray Duplication
Understanding Bluray Replication
Fees involved with Bluray Replication
AACS Defined
The anatomy of a Bluray Master
Packaging Options for Bluray
Who is AACS LA?
Getting Started with my First Order


Freedom Disc saw it coming. The principals of Freedom Disc predicted that Bluray would win the format war between Bluray and HD. So we invested early in our ability to produce small quantity BDR (Bluray Recordable) in time saving fashion.

Bluray Duplication does not require your master be encoded with AACS. The royalties and license is already paid for in the cost of the blank Blu-ray media.

If you have already created your master, simply send us the BDR and we will make duplicates up to 100 in a few days. If you require more, it may make economical sense to go straight to pressing a glass master and replicating them instead.

Once we receive your master and arwork, we will use our burning robots and towers to produce / duplicate your discs and then proceed with applying the artwork to the surface of the disc.

Our Expert sales team will decide which is best for your needs. Please call us to discuss your requirements. Prices for a single Bluray BDR Recordable are in the $20 per disc range currently. We expect this to drop as blank media prices come down. Since the fastest burning rate is 2x, and the maximum content on the Bluray Disc can be as high as 25 GB, the burning process is slow. We try to compensate for this by having dozens of Bluray burners working around the clock to satisfy the demands placed on us currently.


Freedom Disc partnered with the world's largest pressing plant long before anyone else anticipating that Blu-ray would be come the dominant format for HD video.

Therefore, we have been pressing Blu-ray longer than anyone in the USA.

Currently, in the young life of the Blu-ray format, there are several fees that you will need to incure if you want a pressed Bluray Disc as follows:

1. Mastering Fee -- This fee is the cost to produce the glass master from your CMF image. The mastering fee is a ONE TIME CHARGE. So if you pay it to make your first 1000 Bluray Discs, and then require an additional 1000 or 10,000 later, you do not have to pay this again. You pay it once per master.

2. AACS Fee -- Every pressed Bluray Disc has to incure the AACS Encryption fee. This is the biggest expense currently when pressing a Bluray Disc. AACS stands for Advanced Access Content System, a specification for managing content stored on Bluray discs. The AACS fee that Freedom Disc charges you is a ONE TIME CHARGE. So if you pay it to make your first 1000 Bluray Discs, and then require an additional 1000 or 20,000 Blu-Ray Replication's later, you do not have to pay this again. You pay it once per master. Currently, you have the option of paying this fee to Freedom Disc or paying this fee by registering with AACS by clicking HERE. If you choose to register direclty with AACS, you will be given a key, which you must give to us. Otherwise, you can have Freedom Disc register for you and we will obtain and use your key when the disc is mastered.

You will find the following publications useful in your quest of Blu-ray replication:

(CAUTION: this information is extremely taxing on the brain. Please have aspirin available at all times in case of Brain Melt Down!)


3. AACS Per Disc Royalty -- Currently, AACS / Sony, charges a .06 cent per disc royalty. Because Freedom Disc is a licensed source for Bluray Replication, we must comply with this requirement and pay the fee. Therefore, we pass this fee on to you. This royalty is for every Blu-ray replication you do with Freedom Disc. (note: Bluray Duplication, however, is not subject to this fee. This fee is already paid for by the manufacturer of the Bluray Blank Media)

4. Bluray Disc Fee -- This is the per disc cost of replicating from your CMF image master to disc. Prices currently are very steep simply because of world demand. Because there are very few Bluray manufacturing lines world wide, and demand for Bluray Disc's is booming due to Walmart, Target, Warner, MGM, etc, the disc cost is higher than you would expect to pay for DVD. The equipment to manufacture Bluray is also very expensive -- nearly three times the cost. And, the equipment we use to replicate a DVD can not, in most cases, be upgraded to accomodate Bluray Replication. Therefore, new equipment must be purchased which increases our production costs.

5. Packaging (OPTIONAL) -- You then will obviously decide how you will have your Bluray packaged. Right now, the standard is using a Bluray case which is smaller than a DVD case. Again, because of world demand, these cases are much more expensive than a standard DVD case. Until plastic manufacturers can catch up to demand, you can expect to pay 4-5 times the cost of a standard DVD case

.Figure 1 -- Standard Bluray Case

In addition, you can have Freedom Disc print the trap sheet (often referred to as Outsert, Inlay, Card) and assemble your package and shrink wrap it. We can accomodate any of your packaging needs.


For content providers, content aggregators, and device manufacturers, Advanced Access Content System will present opportunities for new distribution and business models, while improving functionality and interactivity for the consumer. For example, in addition to prerecorded optical disc support, Advanced Access Content System is being designed to support the ability to make recordings of content, as authorized. Additionally, the technology will support expanded flexibility in accessing, managing and, through interoperability, transferring content within a standalone or networked environment. Using advanced, proven cryptographic methods, AACS is flexible enough to interoperate with content protection technologies to enable consumers, to the extent authorized, to save licensed, protected copies of prerecorded movie titles onto home media server hard drives or authorized media while preventing unauthorized reproduction and distribution of next-generation optical media.

Consumers should benefit from AACS because AACS will:

  • Support a superior viewing experience delivered by next generation media formats
  • Enable greater flexibility to manage distribute, and play entertainment content on a wider range of devices
  • Enable groundbreaking home entertainment choices and the ability to use content on PCs and a range of CE devices
  • Work across a variety of formats and platforms

Content Owners should benefit from AACS because AACS will:

  • Enable new entertainment business models
  • Protect copyrighted works on next generation optical media
  • Encourage new, legitimate uses of content

Technology companies should benefit from AACS because AACS will:

  • Accelerate next generation content flow, facilitating new technologies such as high definition video
  • Increase demand for infrastructure services to support that content flow
  • Provide an even playing field for technology companies to compete for solutions and services

The Advanced Access Content System Licensing Administrator (AACS LA) is a cross-industry effort that develops, promotes and licenses technologies designed to enhance digital entertainment experiences. This technology will facilitate the ability to offer exciting, new, flexible entertainment experiences for consumers to enjoy in stand-alone, networked home and portable device environments.

Click on the icons below for more information about the AACS LA Founders.

IBM. Intel.
Microsoft. Panasonic.
Sony. Toshiba.
The Walt Disney Company. Warner Bros. Studios.


A single-layer disc can hold 25GB. A dual-layer disc can hold 50GB.To ensure that the Blu-ray Disc format is easily extendable (future-proof) it also includes support for multi-layer discs, which should allow the storage capacity to be increased to 100GB-200GB (25GB per layer) in the future simply by adding more layers to the discs.


Over 9 hours of high-definition (HD) video on a 50GB disc. About 23 hours of standard-definition (SD) video on a 50GB disc.


According to the Blu-ray Disc specification, 1x speed is defined as 36Mbps. However, as BD-ROM movies will require a 54Mbps data transfer rate the minimum speed we're expecting to see is 2x (72Mbps). Blu-ray also has the potential for much higher speeds, as a result of the larger numerical aperture (NA) adopted by Blu-ray Disc. The large NA value effectively means that Blu-ray will require less recording power and lower disc rotation speed than DVD and HD-DVD to achieve the same data transfer rate. While the media itself limited the recording speed in the past, the only limiting factor for Blu-ray is the capacity of the hardware. If we assume a maximum disc rotation speed of 10,000 RPM, then 12x at the outer diameter should be possible (about 400Mbps). This is why the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) already has plans to raise the speed to 8x (288Mbps) or more in the future.

What video codecs will Blu-ray support?

MPEG-2 - enhanced for HD, also used for playback of DVDs and HDTV recordings.MPEG-4 AVC - part of the MPEG-4 standard also known as H.264 (High Profile and Main Profile). SMPTE VC-1 - standard based on Microsoft's Windows Media Video (WMV) technology. Please note that this simply means that all Blu-ray players and recorders will have to support playback of these video codecs, it will still be up to the movie studios to decide which video codec(s) they use for their releases.


This new high density format is expected to surge in coming years and will knock off the rival HD format.

Bluray is the next-generation optical disc format meant for high-density storage of high-definition video and data. The Blu-ray standard was jointly developed by a group of consumer electronics and PC companies called the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA). It is currently competing with the HD DVD format for wide adoption as the prefered next generation optical standard.

The name Blu-ray is derived from the blue-violet laser it uses to read and write to the disc. A Blu-ray Disc will be able to store substantially more data than a DVD, because of the shorter wavelength (405 nm) of the blue-violet laser (DVDs use a 650-nm-wavelength red laser and CDs 780 nm), which allows more information to be stored digitally in the same amount of space. In comparison to HD DVD, which also uses a blue laser, Blu-ray has more information capacity per layer (25 gigabytes instead of 15) but may initially be more expensive to produce.

What do I need to give to Freedom Disc to get started?

Template for the Bluray Disc Artwork
Template for the Bluray Disc Case Outsert
Template for the Bluray Disc Case Insert / Card / Booklet
ALL of our Templates

You will need to send us a master that has been authored wtih AACS encryption if you are having your Bluray disc Replicated. We can NOT accept a master on BDR or any form of Bluray Disc. The master needs to be a CMF files, written to a DLT tape, OR, the same CMF files burned to a Bluray Recordable / Rewritable.

If you have contracted Freedom Disc to do the authoring, we will need your footage, graphic assets, and any other supporting materials that we will use in the creation of your Blu-ray authoring menu. This is the process by which we make the final master used in the Replication process.

If, however, you are having Freedom Disc perform Blu-ray Duplication, i.e. burning small runs of Bluray Recordables, then we can accept a master without AACS encryption, and that master can be on a Blu-ray Recordable disc or Rewritable disc.

Lastly, you will need to send us the graphics -- artwork for the face of the disc and artwork for the overwrap / trapsheet of the Blu-ray case. Use the links above to download the templates you require.

All artwork can be uploaded to our dropbox at or by burning the artwork to disc and sending it along with your master.

CALL 888-638-2997 for latest prices!

For a glossery of commonly used terms, please see our link

For our Blu-ray Duplication FAQ, please click HERE





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